13 thoughts on “A swell license plate

    1. It definitely is a cat on the driver’s side, note the upraised tail, and a dog on the passenger’s side.

  1. Nashville is actually a fairly international city, certainly compared to the rest of Tennessee. The music business draws people from around the world, as do businesses such as Nissan, and universities such as Vanderbilt. There are transplants from around the country, such as myself.

  2. Yup, moggy is a nick-name given to a Morris Minor car,made in the 1940’s to the 1960’s. I owned 2 myself

      1. Same technological state for both.
        (At least the Minor had a Lucas electric set. For you non Anglophiles – Lucas is also know as the prince of darkness.)

    1. Also used to refer to Morgans. Their early three-wheelers were notoriously unstable, so when we were staff to a rather unstable cat, we call him Morgan the Moggie.

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