12 thoughts on “The natural order

  1. It’s vaguely appropriate that chown is a Unix command used to CHange OWNer(ship) of a file.

    Naturally someone with the permissions of root (aka god) can change the ownership of a file at any time.

    It’s clear who logged in as root here.

  2. Personally, I’ve never liked the clichés about who wears the “pants” in a relationship. Too many sexist overtones for me. Why does clothing matter? Or more to the point, why is it that people seem to think someone should be more “in charge” in a relationship than the other? Why does it have to be the one wearing the pants? What if it’s hot out? Are shorts allowed?

    Maybe I just need more caffeine… Not intending to start a flame war, just morning ruminations.

    Funny picture none the less! 🙂


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