Wednesday: Hili dialogue

August 20, 2014 • 2:48 am

Yay—I pwnd that poseur Cyrus!! Look at his chastened expression!

A: What are we posting today in the science section?
Hili: Something by Jerry.
A: We had an article by Jerry yesterday, we can’t post Jerry every day.
Hili: And who would be bothered by that, except possibly Cyrus?

10612697_10204070810037852_1594926602983263783_n In Polish:

Ja: Co dajemy dziś z nauki?
Hili: Coś Jerrego.
Ja: Wczoraj był artykuł Jerrego, nie możemy dawać Jerrego codziennie.
Hili: A komu to przeszkadza, chyba tylko Cyrusowi?

7 thoughts on “Wednesday: Hili dialogue

    1. Dogs have honest faces; they show their emotions exactly as and when they feel them. The carefully edited feline expressions may be more elegantly presented, but veracity suffers. 🙂

  1. That isn’t a chastened look – Cyrus is paying attention (but not intently so).

    I like how his one ear seems a bit wonky. My dog has that sometimes & so does my parents’ dog. We think they were mishandled when they were rescue dogs. My dog also has a piece out of her ear & scratches which I assume happened in a fight with another dog.

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