Pro-ISIS pamphlet—from London

August 12, 2014 • 7:46 am

From a tw**t by Ghaffar Hussain, we get a pro-Isis pamphlet apparently being circulated by students (presumably Muslim ones!) in London. London! (Hussein is the manager of Quilliam, an organization that fights extremism, Islamic extremism in particular.)

You’ll have to squint to read it, but it basically supports the establishment of the Caliphate.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 9.39.35 AMIf these students had the power, they’d turn England into part of the Caliphate. Let us hear no more nonsense that ISIS-style extremism is limited to Iraq and Syria.

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31 thoughts on “Pro-ISIS pamphlet—from London

  1. It’s not unexpected for this stuff to appear in Londonistan. But the sentiment for IS and for a Caliphate is high wherever Muslims are to be found.

    They’ve gotten all happy in their pants now that their little “prophecy” is coming to pass. And, Islam being Islam, the necessary amounts of blood will flow.

      1. Actually, I’ve lived and worked there… Hackney… Bethnal Green… Brick Lane…

        I know exactly all about it…

          1. I lived there and left there before you even knew which bus goes to the East End.

            I mean, it’s not like East London doesn’t have it’s very own Muslim Patrol™ trying to enforce Sharia Law on the streets or does this all come as a bit of a surprise to you?

            1. Stop making assumptions, it doesn’t paint a promising picture of your capacity for reason.

              I’m aware of the actions of a handful of fanatics, thanks. But that doesn’t make London a hotbed of extremism. You’re confusing your narrow experience, and some cherry-picked news stories, for a representative picture of a complex cosmopolitan and modern city.

  2. “The darkness of following manmade law and the abandonment of the Shariah of Allah led to destruction of the Khilafah (Islamic State) in the year 1924.”

    How does the author know that Shariah is really from Allah and not manmade? Oh yeah, because it says so in the Quran.

    I mean, this stuff is so bad it’s like watching a toddler finger paint with feces. Why do they even bother writing it in English?

      1. It makes no difference. The message expressed in ANY language contains information of zero value from the perspective of conditional probability.

        If the game is to guess the suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades) of a randomly selected card, and the Khaleef tells me the card is a 7, then he may as well tell me he wears polka-dotted undies and write it in hieroglyphics.

        Now if he were to tell me the card is red, then any language that has a dictionary would suffice.

    1. They write it in English because most Muslims in Britain can speak English and also because the want non-Muslims to read it and begin cowering in fear or the approaching caliphate.

    1. One could hope, eh?

      Well, they might do some harm here and there, but overall their hubris is matched only by their relative impotence.

  3. We have similar problems here in Germany. Islamist asylum seekers are harrasing moderate muslim, christian and other asyslum seekers. Politicians and other officials hypervetilate and do nothing, because that would cost money.

    It never was just a problem some place far away.

  4. The last Caliph (the one who got deposed in 1924) was interested more in painting (including of the human form) and butterflies. The current descendant along the line was a librarian in New York. I don’t think this lot will ever get to more liberal pursuits.

  5. It’s obvious to us that these people are ignorant and should be ignored. Please don’t mistake that for meaning they’re incompetent, stupid, or anything less than extremely dangerous. They should not be underestimated. Their beliefs, however wrong, are deeply and sincerely held, and they are totally committed to their cause.

    This is not the new al-Quaeda. They’re not a handful hiding out in caves. They are well trained, highly organized, and extremely well funded. The call to Westerners to join them is part of a long-term plan to spread their tentacles world-wide.

    They are doing it for the glory of Allah and they’re absolutely convinced they’re doing the right thing. Further, any means to their goal is justifiable because it’s for Allah.

    They cannot be reasoned with or negotiated with because of their fanatical dedication to their cause.

    Recognition that these are people to be feared is the reason most moderate Muslims and former Muslims don’t speak out. Those of us who can, must.

  6. I wish the BBC would have articles about the life of Robert G. Ingersoll.
    I wish the BBC news would say more often, ” And now we are going over to Richard Dawkins to hear what he thinks about this ”
    It would be great if the BBC would say, ” And we recommend that you see what Jerry Coyne has to say about this over on ‘ Why evolution is true ‘”
    I’m glad that at least there is Radio 4 ” In our time ” with Melvyn Bragg which does cover many of the philosophers.
    I sometimes wonder if it would do some good to distribute circulars advertising theingersolltimes website

    1. Yes to The Ingersoll Times!

      My son got married two days ago. The dads each got to do a reading. I choose some Ingersoll selections, including The Ingersoll Creed.

      Maybe the BBC would hire me to do the readings on air? 😉

  7. If I was one of the British Muslims they are asking for help from I would reply to 3,4,6&7

    3)My advice as to what you are doing wrong is to stop being intolerant bloodthirsty murderers and oppressors.

    4) My ‘dua’ (petitionary prayer) to Allah is that He stops you from being such intolerant bloodthirsty murderers and oppressors (a change of heart would be nice, otherwise drones, bombs, or whirlwinds of fire will do.)

    6) “Hey, Muslims and non-Muslims, I’m here to educate you on the fact that the Kalifah is composed of bloodthirsty intolerant murderers and oppressors.”
    7) I will exposes any liars or fabricators claiming that the Kalifah is NOT composed of bloodthirsty etc. etc.

    other than that,
    5) If I were a British Muslim- or British non-Muslim (hi, Mom)-, I would certainly encourage any of the Kalifah’s supporters to migrate.

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