Bad idea of the year: Texas contemplates allowing alcohol at gun shows

August 11, 2014 • 12:42 pm

It seems that I’m conveying more distressing news than usual today. I think it’s just a bad news day, but I’m also peevish as I’m still afflicted with viral bronchitis, which, thank Ceiling Cat, is abating.  At least the following news doesn’t involve creationism or people being stoned, but it still shows how far our world (or rather, the U.S.) is from rationality.

When I was a postdoc at The University of California at Davis, I remember that in the nearby town of Winters stood a shop that sold both alcohol and guns. It was called “Guns ‘n’ Grog.” Only in America would you find something like that. BAD idea!

It persists.  According to Fox News, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is reviewing a proposal to allow alcohol sales at gun shows:

Texas could start allowing alcohol sales at gun shows provided they don’t allow live ammunition or let buyers take possession of their weapons at the events.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission announced the proposal Friday. It will hold a 30-day public comment period before any change is made.

The proposal also would require that firearms being shown for sale be disabled and not readily convertible for use.

Under current rules, if a gun show is held at a venue licensed to sell alcohol, drinks sales and consumption are suspended during the time it takes to set up, conduct and dismantle the gun show.

“We got a request from a gun club in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to amend the rules,” said agency spokeswoman Carolyn Beck.

I don’t think this is going to pass, even in gun-crazy Texas, for two reasons. First, as ABC News reports, there are at least some sane gun owners:

Bill Clouse, one of several hundred people who attended the High Caliber Gun & Knife Show in Houston, described himself as a “huge gun supporter” but said he doesn’t believe guns and alcohol are a good combination.

“I don’t think there will be a possibility for trouble. I just personally do not believe you should have alcohol and firearms in the same vicinity, whether you are hunting or at a gun show,” said Clouse, 34, a high school teacher.

Josh Jensen, another person at Saturday’s gun show, was also against the proposal, saying the idea is “just silly to me.”

But what I suspect will be the deciding factor is this: you wouldn’t be able to carry away your new gun under the new rules. As Fox News adds:

The Texas State Rifle Association is still reviewing the proposal, said Alice Tripp, the group’s legislative director. She called it “confusing” and questioned whether gun advocates would want to attend gun shows with such restrictions.

“Does that make any sense? Who would buy a gun at a gun show where you couldn’t take possession of it?” she asked.

Yeah! Because, in many places gun shows are exempt from the law that background checks are necessary before you can take possession of guns that you but.

Still, as we might expect in the US of A, there are some who simply want a drink with their gun. From ABC News:

Crystal Hartt, 47, a ranch owner from the Port Lavaca area who was at the Houston gun show, supported the idea, adding she considered being able to buy alcohol at a gun show the same as buying a beer at a baseball game or a rock concert.

“It’s another event. Why not sell a margarita to go with it?” she said.

“Another event,” indeed! An event with firearms galore? Why not allow people to get drunk? And although live ammunition is prohibited, I’m not sure if that would ban Texan’s rights to have open carry of long guns and concealed carry of handguns.

Below is a photo of one of these places in Schulenberg, Texas. According to the website, the other side of the sign says, “SHOOT EM UP – SLAM EM DOWN”.


I apologize on behalf of my country.

h/t: Chris

28 thoughts on “Bad idea of the year: Texas contemplates allowing alcohol at gun shows

    1. My guess is that they don’t think of it as “shopping for guns”. They think of it as family entertainment, like taking the kids to a water slide park.

  1. They have crisscrossed Kalashnikovs and what appears to be a vodka bottle on that sign.

    Interesting implications for a gun store in Texas.

  2. At least the following news doesn’t involve creationism or people being stoned

    I’m not interested in partaking, myself, but I rather suspect that a great many of our troubles would be helped by the key players getting stoned.


  3. Two constituencies would gain financially. Follow the money.
    Gun sellers – lubricated customers might be less tightfisted.
    Purveyors of alcohol – maybe even charge a premium?

  4. Double Shot’s facebook page says that the business has been replaced by a doughnut shop. A substantial improvement, if verified.

  5. Why don’t they just combine everything into one efficient shaky idea & combine getting your driver’s licence, buying a gun & drinking alcohol all in one convenient location/activity?

  6. Nothing says fun like whiskey and a gun.

    Wonder if it has dawned on these geniuses why many of the saloons in the “wild west” banned guns inside the saloons or even whole towns?

      1. “Check your weapons at the door/This joint is jumpin’!”
        Remember the “Gunfight at the OK Corral?” It started when Wyatt Earp tried to arrest the Clantons for carrying shootin’ irons in violation of a town ordinance. Yes, the most famous shoot-out in history was about gun control!

          1. But I wonder how many conservatives are aware of it. Wyatt Earp is an American icon–do they know that he was a “villain” in the gun control fight?

  7. “”I don’t think there will be a possibility for trouble. I just personally do not believe you should have alcohol and firearms in the same vicinity…”
    Well, Bill- if you don’t think there will be even a “possibility” of trouble (a pretty strong claim in ANY circumstance where alcohol is being consumed), then WHY do you think they shouldn’t be in the same vicinity? Is it a “fashion-thing”, like, you shouldn’t wear a striped tie with a plaid shirt?

    1. It could be an association thing. It’s a very good thing to foster the idea that guns and alcohol should never be seen in association. Allowing alcohol at gun shows undermines that idea, even if it is totally safe at the gun show.

  8. I’m for letting people have guns and I’m for letting people drink alcohol but I don’t think they should go together. It should be obvious why dangerous weapons that can easily kill or injure people by accidents and substances that reduce impulse control and could make people violent should not be mixed.

  9. I wonder what Crystal Hartt thinks of the fact that you can’t bring your guns into most (all?) stadiums in the United States. Maybe we should allow open carry at sporting events combined with alcohol, and hell, while we’re at it, let’s bring back the gladiator games. It’s entertainment!

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