Caturday felid quadrafecta: Update on rescued Chinese kittens, cat wants something really bad, and kittens attack reflections and ceramic kittens

July 26, 2014 • 3:39 am

As far as I know, there’s no quadrafecta in horse racingl but you, lucky readers, get four items today. Three videos first:

A fluffy orange kitten sees its reflection for the first time, mistakes it for another cat, and charges, with dire results:


Kitten attacks ceramic kitten:


And another awesome Russian cat video.  This one is labeled in English and Russian: “Yes he can! / Хомяк смог и он сможет!,” and I’ll trust readers who understand Russian to tell me if that’s accurate. Regardless, it’s amazing that this fat moggie can squeeze through such a small space. What is under there? Food? A toy? A mouse?


Finally, we have this update from reader Yi. It’s about two weeks old, and I’d simply forgotten about it. But it gives good news about the rescued kittens in Chengdu, Szechuan that I’ve posted about before. As you may recall, Yi and his girlfriend Xixi saved five kittens abandoned in a Chengdu street, placing them with a woman who took in and then adopted out street cats. All the kittens were pronounced healthy, and are now thriving and, happily, being adopted. Yi sent pictures and a note:

Attached are some recent photos of the rescued kittens. FYI, the two black kittens, who by the way are really really cute, were adopted already, while the remaining three have been spoken for.
Note the somewhat “twisted” facial expression of the yellow kitten biting the sofa, in contrast to the extremely lovely expression of the (mixed-color?) one behind. Also, the big cat in one of the photos is owned by the nice lady who’s helping the little ones find new homes.
It’s probably hard to track them once they’re adopted, but I’ll send in photos whenever I get updates.
Yi tells me that in China black cats are seen as lucky, explaining why the black ones got adopted first. I told him it’s the exact opposite in the U.S., where black cats are considered unlucky. He found that surprising.
h/t: Su, Barry, Merilee and, of course, Li and Xixi

20 thoughts on “Caturday felid quadrafecta: Update on rescued Chinese kittens, cat wants something really bad, and kittens attack reflections and ceramic kittens

  1. In France’s horseracing, they have the trifecta called tiercé, the “quadfecta” (it exists in English) called the quarté, and even the “quinfecta” (also exists in English) called the quinté.


    1. P.S. The video of the kitten with the ceramic cat is a hoot!

      Kudos to Yi and Xixi for rescuing these kittens and ensuring that they find good forever homes.

  2. Black cats are lucky in the UK too. Or at least they were when I was a kid – it might’ve been subsumed by US cultural imports since.

    1. My wife acquired a black kitten from the shelter a few months ago. She chose him precisely because she was concerned that a black cat might have trouble getting adopted in the US.

  3. In addition to non-stop beauty, the other aspect cats have that dogs don’t have, is being funny. Nothing makes me laugh as long and as hard as a cat being ‘crazy.’

  4. “in China black cats are seen as lucky, … it’s the exact opposite in the U.S., where black cats are considered unlucky.”

    Hmmm, what does the science say?

    1. Which science? If it’s anthropology, then I presume the facts are as Jerry presents them: black cats are seen as lucky in China and unlucky in the US.

      And given those facts, the rest is self-fulfilling prophecy: black cats and their owners will tend to receive better treatment in China than in the US.

  5. Хомяк смог и он сможет! is literally “Khomyak can and he will!” but “Yes he can!” catches the assertive flavor nicely.

    Khomyak means “hamster”, by the way.

  6. [I *think* I’m done messing with my screenname… I was camelspit based on an inside joke from my childhood. Just wanted to clarify.]

    I’m fairly new to this website and didn’t get at first why all the cat posts. Now I get it. You post what you are interested in, what you love. Duh.

    I’ve never been a cat person. I’ve never been a non-cat person either… Just had a dog as a kid and never have been around cats much, and I have two allergic family members. But the expression on the cat chewing the corner of the sofa is priceless! You are a cat evangelist. Thanks!

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