Today’s Google Doodle: Nelson Mandela

July 18, 2014 • 5:57 am

Sadly, Mandela is no longer with us, but, had he lived, today would be his 96th birthday. Google has celebrated that with an animated Google Doodle (click on screenshot below to see it), which, when you click on each frame, goes to a new picture and a new quote from Mandela.

Screen shot 2014-07-18 at 7.49.45 AM

The Independent gives more information:

Google Doodler Katy Wu said she at first thought she would have to make a very serious, sombre kind of Doodle about such an important figure. However, as she learnt more about Mandela, Wu says she started to understand that he was a man with a lot of character, a realisation that gave her fresh ideas for the tribute. On the choice to incorporate his quotes, she says: “Something that stood out to me about Nelson Mandela was his eloquent way with words.  I thought his words gave a great insight into the kind of man he was, so I wanted to focus the creative direction of the doodle on his quotes against a backdrop of the history of South Africa.”

The Doodle shows the village where Mandela grew up, and follows his journey through his incarceration to his election as the first black president of South Africa in 1994.



2 thoughts on “Today’s Google Doodle: Nelson Mandela

  1. I loved Mandela’s voice. Listening to him speak these quotes is almost akin to a religious experience 😉

  2. One of the truely great humans, without him the end of apartheit in South Africa would have been very bloody mess.

    The world needs a few more people like him.

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