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  1. That is fantastic! Scottish folds are cute anyway, but this takes the cake. Almost as if it’s saying, “Uh…nevermind.”

    Unintentional(and completely free) humor after you’ve had a bad day is one of the ten thousand things that make cats awesome.

  2. Wonderful! I’m not sure about “guilt”, though. It’s just the realization of being caught red-pawed.

    1. Yeah, I read the cat going: “Shit. Catering servant a-hole wanders into the wrong place at the wrong time, and now I gotta play the stupid obedience game until she gets over it and leaves me alone again.”

  3. Yes, such a guilt – ridden ‘look’ Ms Kitty has on her mug which I myself have countenanced … … when found out.

    What is difficult to see here ( but is .evident. on another website of http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/25/cat-gets-busted-opening-drawer-video_n_3813851.html ), as re ‘found – out’, is that inside that drawer’s lower left ?

    Inside, down there, are multiple bags of The Kitteh’s dental chews and treats.

    Soooo, The Moggie .knows.
    And shall not be denied.

    Until, o’course, she is … … found out.


  4. Er, do cats get punished? I’ve always read that it’s a pretty futile effort. I think pushing the drawer close is just an accident as the cast shifts its weight away from the drawer.

    1. There are no accidents. The shifting of weight was the behaviour, the drawer closing was the effect. The cat looks like it’s anticipating a suddenly raised voice, which is the closest to punishment that they usually get (and it is always enough to make them flinch, if never enough to prevent repeating the crime).

    2. They can understand negative reinforcement, yes. We used to squirt our cat with a squirt gun when he’d scratch the dining room table legs. Just a single trigger-pull aimed at the butt, nothing major. It didn’t stop the behavior 100%, but it reduced it and he spent more time scratching at the cheaper furniture in other rooms. I consider that ‘reasonably effective.’

    3. No, they don’t. I have a wicked little totoiseshell minx who will knock stuff off shelves. I will admit to tapping her nose once in a while, but it’s mostly “Oi! Don’t do that!” Cats don’t get “punished” – it just doesn’t make sense.

  5. More seriously, some [I think a minority] cats learn to read human expressions — I don’t believe it comes naturally as for most dogs and human infants, and the long stare is probably cataloging “what happened the last time mum looked like that”.

    Our current cat Sierra will do this long stare, apparently as a welfare check, if she hears Flo or me in distress. [I need to work on her dialing 911 if we’re actually hurt!]

  6. “If you kept my larder full, I would not have to pull out this garish net bag with which to go shopping so I could have some butter or cream or fish or…” 🙂

    Beautiful kitteh!

  7. Awesome video. Though I don’t read a lot of remorse in that face. More just “okay, you caught me, I’m putting it back…for now.”

  8. I grew up with a cat in the house for many years, and have since seen a lot of my sister’s cat. Those two at least defintely did something that looked like a “I didn’t do it” reaction. For example, they’d knock something over (e.g. a plant) and then look once at it then slowly slink away. Or they’d chase after a ball and then when they’d overshoot sometimes and then suddenly give up and scratch themselves or something.

  9. That looks like a segment from a video called “Gotcha”, which is one of five videos up for a Golden Kitty award (Internet Cat Video Festival award.

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