9 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo sing!

  1. “Don’t be divisive.”

    Once again, I love their point. It’s frustrating to be assured over and over again that faith brings people together when it’s completely obvious that it only brings people with the same faith together.

    A few years ago a Spiritual-But-Not-Religious friend tried to persuade me to agree that her version of religion wasn’t at all divisive because in her view all religions were personal “paths” to Truth and nobody was ever wrong about God. This is what God is like — ecumenical.

    “In other words, those millions of people who believe that there is a right path and a wrong path and God does care which you take are WRONG about God … and you are RIGHT about God? How is that not divisive?”

    1. I think the best summary of the divisive nature of religion is this one:

      And, I have it on good authority that, once the Artist digs that round Tuit out from between the sofa cushions, he’ll be able to finish all the clerihews for those who chip in at the requisite level. Yes, you two can be immortalized in a manner such as this:

      Ben Goren
      Is probably not Ecuadoran
      But it can’t be completely ruled out
      Because there’s always some room for doubt



      P.S. As Ecuador is (almost exactly) halfway in a(n almost exactly) straight line from me to the site of the World Cup, this also counts as a Footie reference! b&

    2. Oh, you must be mistaken. They’re building that church/mosque/synagogue in Berlin for one-stop worshopping. All together now.

      I have a similar friend, it’s all good god.

  2. “…it only brings people with the same faith together.”

    If that. The churches I’ve heard about are hotbeds of petty backbiting parishioner against parishioner gossip.

  3. The funny thing is that I don’t think that most religious people would find the divisiveness a problem. Feature, not a bug.

  4. It’s said that there are a billion RCs in the world but I think that there’s just a billion who are called Catholic.
    In Brasil right now there are devout Catholics who have a shrine to the holy Virgin right next to the shrine to the goddess of the sea. Go to Poland and you find a completely different church.
    An amateur Socrates could go into any church to any pew and question any two people sitting together and, with the right few questions, establish that they don’t exactly believe in the same god.
    I always say that there are seven billion and one universes, the real material one and the one that gets invented, self created in each person.

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