20 thoughts on “A footie tweet about England

  1. I was working on a very poor taste joke for if Nigeria didn’t make it through: Nigerians holding up signs saying “Bring Back Our Girls.”

  2. That’s actually pretty old but still funny.

    In fact, I heard that Luis Suarez made the same joke about Italy. When asked to comment, one of the Italian players said “bite me”….

  3. During England game today, they showed some English fans in the stands with a sign reading (something like):

    “Plane ticket – $2000
    Hotel for a week – $2000
    Food, game tickets, etc. – $2000

    Arriving after their elimination – Priceless”

      1. Maybe they bought everything from a web site that uses USD.

        I’m English, I support England but I know only one person who was confident that England would progress into the knock out stage. Before the tournament started, most of us would have predicted England to finish third in the group.

        Only an incurable optimist would lay out $4000 in the expectation that England would still be in it after the first two matches.

  4. What’s red, white & blue and goes beep, beep, beep? England’s open top bus reversing back into the garage…..

    1. Sorry, but you are blind if you don’t see the defender’s calf hook Samaris’s foot as he is getting ready to kick the ball. This will definitely throw off your kicking trajectory so that your foot doesn’t do what you are attempting to do.

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