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          1. I believe Diana is a classicist, and knows it’s cooler to anglicise from the source instead of through Latin.

            1. You mean my transliteration? My ipad actually corrected to hubris above but I was always taught “hybris” and can’t break the habit even though it is pronounced with a “u” sound. There is software called thus and I cringe whenever someone pronounces it Highbris. Then I wonder why someone would name their software hybris.

          2. It roughly translates to “arrogance” but as I had an Ancient Greek professor explain it once, it would be hubris to leave your house without an umbrella (he was from England) and you’d meet your punishment (nemesis) in getting rained on. More here

    1. Yes, that’s right. And lest I get chewed out about wildlife boots, before I bought them on eBay I wrote the maker and asked about the source of the hides. The response was this:

      “As far as the origin of the skin, our skins come from South Africa and Zimbabwe. All skins are acquired and monitored through government sanctioned programs. They are not poached skins and are approved by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Department.”

      Apparently, especially in South Africa, some species tend to outbreed the size of their habitat, and so have to be “culled” (a euphemism for “killed”). The skins are the byproduct of this culling.

      1. Wow! Thanks for the info too…interesting. I like the cap toe style of this boot as well. Is my prize a signed copy of WEIT? Just kidding…but my copy is in shabby shape. 🙂

      2. I’m going to…ah…stick my neck out and suggest that the PETA-philes would be just as upset if the hide came from an animal that died peacefully in its sleep of old age.

        Any chance you could post a link to the maker? I’m sure I’d never buy any such exotic boots, but I’d still be curious to see more of the craft….


  1. Third reviewers for a journal with insufficient anonymity enforcement?

    (Yes, I’m revising and resubmitting a paper right now. How did you guess?)

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