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  1. Lessee, that’s water in the distance, so we can exclude Ben and Baidu in the deserts of Arizona.
    Does the cat see beauty? What is “beauty”? (I think there’s a couple of fields of philosophy dedicated to flapping gums over the whole question.)
    Does the cat see the closing of some hunting options, but the opening of others? Probably. Does it find that appealing, depressing, or just an event? The answer probably varies from cat to cat, and day to day per cat. [Shrug]

    1. Yep…first thing I thought of was Baihu on an outing… until I saw the water (and general humidity and foliage on the hills in the distance). Looks more midwest-ish now…

      Probably before I frequented these parts.

  2. Do note that this noble cat is observing the sunset rather than the sunrise–last Saturday, June 7. (There’s a clue in there somewhere.)

  3. Idaho? And no, the cat sees no beauty, but it is probably making adjustments to how it perceives its environment based on the color changes, particularly those related to its immediate safety and its capacity to catch things.

      1. w00t! I have 3 always present cities in my aviation weather app…. DFW ( home ) MSP ( base city ) and Mt. Washington ( KMWN for those who care ) They get some pretty crazy ( read horrible ) stuff up there.

        1. We can see the weather station (with binoculars) from our house here in northeastern Vermont, about 50 miles from the Presidentials across the Connecticut River in New Hampshire.

  4. “I wonder if it sees beauty in the sunset?”

    You can’t eat it, catch it, or absorb heat from it, so I’m going with ‘no’.

  5. It’s the mountain climbing cat, at a guess. I’m not good with cat names.

    I wonder if it sees beauty in the sunset?

    It experiences an unfamiliar view (one may assume), which seems to be interesting. And that response is shared with the response in humans, making further distinction meaningless.

    The kitteh could also be wondering why Ceiling Light is visiting Basement Cat.

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