My son the cat: all growed up!

June 4, 2014 • 2:37 pm

Gayle Ferguson, who saved the lives of Jerry Coyne the Cat and His Four Sisters, is now visiting Christchurch, New Zealand, home of Jerry and his new staff. And she’s sent several pictures of the boy who—I must say with paternal pride—has turned into quite a handsome lad!

First, here’s a reminder of what Jerry looked like as a small kitten:


And here he is now!

Jerry 6

He’s still got those long whiskers and white ear tufts. . .

Jerry 1

Jerry 3
and a soft, thick, ginger coat.

Jerry 5

Isn’t he a looker? The veritable George Clooney of felids!

Jerry 4

37 thoughts on “My son the cat: all growed up!

    1. And is that a van der Rohe stool! Living in style, too. Our cats have one chair each (though they pull on the buttons…which causes me pain, alas that is part of cat-life).

  1. Oh my he’s handsome!♥ Looks like he’s settled in. How’s he getting along with his new sibling?

  2. Love his pink lips and nose:-)
    I’ve been in Calif for a week and my #%^* email will receive but not send from my iPad ( it’s an issue w my provider). Very surprised that this works!

  3. That is a darn cute, fluffy, stripey cat. I look forward to his “cat confessions”. He’s a cat, so I know he’ll be worthy of at least one. 🙂

  4. Oh, my, he is gorgeous! What a beauty! And he has a very pronounced tabby cat “M” on his forehead. Looks like he has settled in his new home quite nicely.

  5. A beautiful cat, but I can’t help thinking that the set of photographs looks like a model’s portfolio!

    1. And why not? He’s prettier than any human model!
      Lovely kitty. He’ll be even more beautiful when he’s fully grown.

      So Ceiling Cat isn’t white, as he’s sometimes shown. He’s orange like the sun!

  6. He’ll need a lot of grooming. I’m amazed so much fluff can be gathered in one place.

  7. What a cutie. I particularly like the parallelism in the first two pictures, it really shows his personality.

    But…the vacuuming, the vacuuming!!! 🙂

  8. So if I’m dating a woman with a cat, am I a member of her cat’s staff or am I more like an independent contractor?

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