Wednesday: Hili dialogue

May 14, 2014 • 3:01 am

Hili and the new d*g Cyrus are not getting along. . . .

A: What are you thinking about?
Hili: How do you teach good manners to a big dog?
A: With extreme caution.


In Polish:

Ja: Nad czym się tak zastanawiasz?
Hili: Jak się uczy dużego psa dobrych manier?
Ja: Ogromnie ostrożnie.


5 thoughts on “Wednesday: Hili dialogue

  1. When is Hili going to develop opposable thumbs and discover the strength of the rolled-up newspaper?

    1. In my limited experience with dog-cat families, no opposable thumbs are necessary to establish the proper pecking order. One good swipe to the nose with her ceiling-cat given claws will usually do it.

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