RIP Annapurna

May 11, 2014 • 11:51 am

Jonathan Eisen, a biology professor at the University of California, Davis, works on a lot of stuff related to phylogeny, evolution, and the microbiome. And he’s one of the few really well-known scientists who is also a prolific (dare I say it?) “blogger.” His website is called The Tree of Life.

Anyway, I met Eisen on my recent visit to UC Davis and have just been informed, via Dr. Cobb, that Eisen’s cat Annapurna passed away. His announcement, with a touching picture and caption from a few months ago, is from his website today:

Screen shot 2014-05-11 at 1.42.24 PM

Condolences to Dr. Eisen; many of us know what it is to lose a furry companion, and of the consolation such companions can provide.



13 thoughts on “RIP Annapurna

  1. Very sad to lose a pet, especially a cat or d*g. My father is 77, and the only time I have EVER seen him cry is when we said goodbye to our (21 year old) cat Max.

  2. Forever for your core, Dr Eisen, because in your lifetime of Ms Annapurna and her paws, … … some paz and, right now, a whole lotta.lotta … … pause.

    I am sorry that you have to walk through this, to endure this.

    Too, too many times over … … I do know what this path is.


  3. So sorry to hear of the loss of Annapurna. She was obviously much loved. A very pretty and fortunate kitty.

    The photo is lovely. Another addition to Jerry’s website collection of beautiful “cat man” pictures.

  4. Thanks so much all. A very very sad day / time right now. Annapurna was me and my wife’s first baby. We adopted her from an animal shelter. She was hissing in the back of her cage and I knew nobody else would adopt her. So I did. Best decision I have ever made. An amazing creature. A wonderful companion.

    1. Thank you so much for giving Annapurna a loving home. Every cat deserves one but so many don’t have the opportunity.

      My wife and I have an organization that spays and neuters feral cats. We have been monitoring a new litter of kittens born to a feral mom. We pick them up once they are weaned, get them neutered, and find homes for them.

      Tonight we discovered the mom dead and we don’t know where the kittens are. We are devastated. We will go out again tomorrow to try to find them.

      Sorry to make this comment about me but I’m very sad.

      1. How terrible, I hope you can find the kittens. Good luck. Thanks for caring enough to look out for them.

  5. A beautiful, sweet looking cat! My sympathies on your loss. I know the grief will soften in time and the memories will be warm and dear.

  6. Would be interesting to find out whey Prof. Eisen names the cat “Annapurna”. Was it based on the name of one of the Himalay peaks?

    In Sanskrit, “Annapurna” means “provider of food”. So in this sense, Prof. Eisen was acting as an “annapurna” for the cat.

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