Sunday: Hili dialogue

April 13, 2014 • 5:46 am

This afternoon I head back to Chicago, but first will visit the local colony of burrowing owls.

Meanwhile, life goes on in Dobrzyn, and here Hili reads an article on Listy by Leo Igwe about witchcraft in Ghana.

Hili: Are there really people who believe in witchcraft?
A: Millions.
Hili: How does the human mind work?

In Polish:
Hili: Czy naprawdę są ludzie, który wierzą w czary?
Ja: Miliony.
Hili: Jak działa ludzki umysł?

5 thoughts on “Sunday: Hili dialogue

  1. Using on,com just the two search words, Mz Hili, of ‘witchcraft’ and ‘Ghana’, there exist, STILL … … IN 2014 … …, 85 HITS, … … this witchy – woo balmy “ palmy sunday ” mornin’.

    STILL. Still after hunnerts o’years since the then ‘ civilized’ world o’ Europe’s The Burning Times whereat thousands of mostly females waked up every day of their entire lifetimes, wondering if, that day of it, she would be “named” as a witch.*

    AND as gargantuan in gazillions o’ humans’ brains as THAT right alongside the witchery of jebus’ … … today.


    * “named” as a witch comes from “the third degree”

    Torture of females in “the second degree” was so criminally painful that she was “not allowed” to die ( “the third degree” of torture ) … … UNTIL she “named” someone else / labeled someone else … … a witch. THEN, she would be allowed to die.

    These girls’ and women’s entire lifetimes, a HOLOCAUST, through ~350 years’ worth of whole “civilized” / “western” generations’ worth.

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