The divine Sarah

January 23, 2014 • 9:01 am

Two of the three surviving Horsemen, Sam Harris and Dan Dennett, follow Sarah Silverman on Twi**er, and Dan isn’t even Jewish (I haven’t checked who Dawkins follows).  Sam follows only 29 people, too.  I’d follow Sarah as well—if I followed anyone.

The reasons are psychologically complex, but her header gives some clues:

Picture 3

12 thoughts on “The divine Sarah

  1. I know you’re not following anyone on principle but you could make an exception for Sarah. She really isn’t the world’s most busiest tw**ter. 🙂

    1. Very good. Thanks!

      However, if it was me, christ would have been the one getting the urethra probe. We need to know if It has any babies in Its nuts.

    2. “It’s crazy, but now that I know Jesus more…he’s such a DiNozzo”.
      Michael Weatherly makes a pretty convincing Jesus.

    1. So funny then as an auxiliary cast member, and I think it was earlier than ’94. You can also find some of her earliest comedy club performances on Youtube. She didn’t quite have her timing down, but pretty good for 19 or 20.

      She was also pretty good when she guest started on Star Trek: Voyager shen she played an astronomy grad student. I wish they had taken her with them and she had become a regular cast member.

  2. Sarah Silverman is awesome. I think she is hilarious and it appears we think in the same (so I automatically assume people who are like me in any way are awesome) 😀

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