13 thoughts on “Tuesday: Hili dialogue

  1. I am so on love with Hili. I sent Jerry some “Morning Music for Hili” but I don’t know how to send it to your cat. Please ask him for it!

      1. We did get it and we played it for Hili. She was enchanted and very proud that she has music composed especially for her. We had to play it again and she meowed along with it with evident pleasure.

        Thank you!

  2. I beg Hili’s pardon, I didn’t compose that music! It is Henry Purcell, Allemande from the D major suite for harpsichord. It seemed Hilish to me…

    1. Well, I better not tell Hili that. She wouldn’t believe me anyhow, like she didn’t believe Sarah that all female cats are called “queens” in England. No such facts are allowed to interfere with her high opinion about herself.

      1. To be honest I’d not heard about female cats being called “queens” before… and I’m English.

        The term is, ah, suitable though!

  3. Cats for sure like music. I have had the immense pleasure of the company of many felines and they all sat with me while I practiced. One of mine now uses my foot under the harpsichord as her pillow. (Brave!)

  4. I, too, am so in love with this specific K.I.T.T.Y. C.A.T. – Queen, Hili.

    And have been — since knowing of all of her darling pictures and so, so intelligent / Editor – in – Chieftain analyses — per every morning — of the World’s matters.

    Another fitting piece for Her Highness – Hili played by yet another Queen, Mz Valentina Lisitsa, is this Liszt one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD6xMyuZls0, not ? ! About 3:57 to its end, any feline – and stringed instrument – ‘ string enthusiasts ’ can easily go nuts !

    As many likely know: the term ‘ queen ’ is veterinary science – speak for all manner of unaltered female Felis domesticus [ catus ].


  5. I’m confused.

    Isn’t the photo accompanying the Hili dialogue supposed to have a picture of Hili in it? I may be blind, but I don’t see any cats of any description — just an old rug.


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