How to treat a cat

January 16, 2014 • 3:43 pm

Reader Emma sends greetings from across two ponds, as well as a picture of her cat Sagan and a note:

I recently moved from Australia to Denmark to do a postdoc, and had to leave my lovely cat in the care of my parents. It has taken a long time to adjust to a catless existence and I still haven’t quite recovered. However, the pictures of you napping with Hili made me smile, and feel a bit less homesick.

In case you are also missing Hili, I am sending a photo of my cat, Sagan. It is 43 degrees (C) back home today, and my mum sent me this photo of the cat cooling off in front of every fan in the house. It looks like Sagan is being treated with all due deference!


12 thoughts on “How to treat a cat

  1. It’s warm alright. It’s been over 40 C (104 F) all week here in Adelaide and reached 46 (115) yesterday. Hottest day I’ve experienced since Melbourne 2009, when it reached 49 (120!) on the day of the Black Saturday bushfires. Youch.

    Meanwhile, snow devours the other half of the world – I’m not actually sure which I’d prefer, to be honest.

  2. How to treat a cat?

    That is simple. I learned from Hili that you should make the cat Editor-in-Chief.

  3. Oh, I had a lovely moggie named Sagan. She died about 8 years ago, but it seems as if she was with me just yesterday. She and a beautiful Abyssinan, Israfel, were my last two kittehs. One of these days I’ll adopt another.
    I still miss my Sagan. I hope you’ll get to see yours soon.

  4. Today I moved the older of our two cats to our new house. He hates the car and we had a 3 hour drive. He sat on my lap and complained the whole way. Mraw Mraw Mraw….for 3 straight hours. And he doesn’t seem to understand that I need at least one hand for the wheel.

    He’s tired now and is sleeping. I’m sure that he will wake up and want to discuss this further at 3 AM.

      1. That’s going to be the hardest thing for him. After being an indoor/outdoor terrorizer of the neighborhood cat, he is now an indoor only cat (he doesn’t know this yet). He doesn’t accept change very well.

  5. I see she is reading a book about Australian cavalry in the first world war – Light horse by… ? Looks like the sort of book I should get my brother 😉

    I would sooner be in Denmark than London or Australia.

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