Wednesday: Hili dialogue (and bonus snow in Dobrzyn)

January 15, 2014 • 4:42 am
I asked for a bit of explanation about today’s Hili Dialogue, though I thought I understood it. Each day’s version of Andrzej’s and Malgorzata’s website, “Letters from our orchard,” begins with the latest Hili dialogue. (There are also several pictures of Hili on the page, besides her being listed as “Editor in Chief” at the bottom.) Apparently the Editor in Chief sees her dialogues as the main feature of the site, with all the science and antireligious articles being mere filler!
Hili would like our readers to read her dialogues first of all and is worried that they might skip the dialogue and start reading some boring articles which she, as an Editor, is obliged to post (she does understand that the “Letters” cannot consist only of her dialogues, though she would like them to). There are plenty of comments and everybody assures her that her dialogues are the first thing they read and that nobody is skipping them. Somebody even suggested a daily column written by Hili.
Today’s dialogue:
Hili: Tell me the truth. Do all readers start reading our “Letters” from our dialogues?
A: I can’t rule it out but I honestly don’t know.
In Polish:
Hili: Powiedz mi prawdę, czy wszyscy czytelnicy “Listów” zaczynają ich lekturę od naszych rozmów?
Ja: Nie mogę tego wykluczyć, ale uczciwie mówiąc, nie wiem.
I love that narcissistic little beast.
I just got a news flash from Dobrzyn: the first heavy snow of the winter has arrived, and apparently the woods and orchard are gorgeous. Just my luck to have missed it, just as I missed the snow in Chicago.  Sarah Lawson, though, sent some photos from where I was staying. Here’s the orchard in snow:
Dobrzyn in snow
And Ms. Hili-Cat, who doesn’t like the snow at all:
Hili considers the snow
. . . and resolutely turns her back on it. Hili turns her back on the snow
No cats will go outside today, though humans will have their walkies.

27 thoughts on “Wednesday: Hili dialogue (and bonus snow in Dobrzyn)

  1. I can’t speak for readers of the website “Letters from Our Orchard”, not being a Polish speaker, but I can assure Hili that I read all her dialogues on this website. 🙂

  2. I’m sure that there is a way of tracking a visitor’s progress through a site, though not knowing the tools in use, I can’t say for sure. Conceptually, I’d look at some code that on entry to the site checks the date of last visit (preserved in a site-specific cookie ; a version number for revisions of the site may be necessary) and starts a new cookie “thread” with the page number from the data base.
    Ach, website design tool designers have been doing this sort of thing for years. If I wanted to run a website, it’d be one of the capabilities that I’d look for.

    1. There’re many ways. Cookies are common. At a higher level of abstraction, I suspect most who care about that sort of thing these days just uses Google Analytics.


      1. I’m sure there are many ways.
        Do me a favour, would you. If you ever see me showing signs of caring about how to do this, phone that number I gave you and tell them that the money is in the Swiss bank account and that the hit is on. Irrevocably. (You might need a Russian translator.)

            1. Ah — looks like your IT guy put up a bit of a struggle and kicked the modem before he kicked the bucket. But at least he’s no longer trying to shuffle his workload off on you. Mission accomplished!


              1. Nope ; we’re called limeys for a completely different reason.
                The lime pits are a reference to early numbers of this “gentleman” (and his assistant, the [Pasty||Pimply]-Faced Youth).
                You’ve not met the BOFH before? Seriously? But, you’re somewhat nerdish.

              2. Oh — Simon! Yes, of course. Don’t seem to recall the incident with the lime pit, but I can well imagine how it must have gone down.

                You know? I don’t know if I’m happy or sad that he turned down that gig with the NSA. On the one hand, we wouldn’t have to worry about the NSA any more. On the other hand….



              3. And on the third hand, between you, Simon and the PFY, I wouldn’t give much for the chances of the rest of the US “Intelligence” community, once the pits are full to groaning with the NSA.

              4. When the sun is not over the yard-arm.
                Of course, this answer does not define the position of the boat, nor the yard arm observer. So it is always possible to have the sun over the yardarm. But you may have to get into an uncomfortable position to achieve it.

  3. Andrzej, Malgorzata – Come spring, I’d like to see some pix of the apple trees in bloom, and in the fall at harvest plus some closeups of the different apples. And, if you make bottled cider from them, anything about that.

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