Find the nightjar

January 10, 2014 • 9:34 am

Fooled you! A reader sent me yet another “find the nightjar” photo, but I was unable to open it. And I’m never able to see the damn nightjars, so I’ll try another beast.

Can you find the cat?

Hili on bookshelf

UPDATE: I can’t pull ANYTHING over on my readers. In a comment below, reader Stephen P. actually found a nightjar. Here’s his proof (see caption):



20 thoughts on “Find the nightjar

      1. Maybe Hili is potty trained?

        But ha, I was responding to the title with “oh noes, more of these spot-the-birdie posts and soon _I_ will need a night jar”. [As english is a 2nd language, I find the bird name unintentionally funny.]

  1. There are two possibilities.

    Either there’s a cat in the frame or there isn’t.

    If there isn’t, then Jerry’s just tweaking our noses with another example of something claimed to be a nightmoth but’s really just a JPEG artifact.

    If there actually is a cat in the frame, then it’s obviously exercising its skills at not being seen. Cats are ultimate masters at that fine art, and nothing short of global thermonuclear war would even have an hypothetical chance of revealing the cat’s position.

    Now, if all y’all’l excuse me, I’m wondering where Baihu has got himself off to….


  2. If this photo was higher resolution, I’m sure I could find the cat. But as it is, it is too cunningly hidden behind the foliage.

  3. Looks like Hili doesn’t really like that wooden scratching post in the corner. Ours would be halfway through it by now.

    Perhaps Hili is hagiophobic.

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