12 thoughts on “Sunday birds

  1. Great pix! I never realized until seeing this picture that female mallards have the same deep blue-purple speculum feathers that the males do. Better open my eyes more…

  2. I’ve really come to appreciate birds after moving to a house at the edge of some woods 12 years ago. Sitting at my breakfast table drinking coffee this morning I was watching:

    Red-bellied woodpecker and downy woodpeckers at the suet.

    A pair of cardinals at the seed feeder.

    Titmice and chickadees sweeping into the feeder, grabbing seeds, and going to a tree branch to eat them.

    Goldfinches and house finches parking at the seed feeder and gorging themselves – the other birds grab a seed and go, but the finches will sit at the feeder for 10 minutes or more.

    Dark-eyed juncos cleaning up the seed scraps from the deck – they and the wrens like to eat off the ground.

    A brown creeper going up the tree trunks grabbing little bugs (I presume).

    And a special treat – a couple of yellow-rumped warblers passed through, eating from the deck and leaving quickly. I rarely see these.

  3. I think it’s safe to say you’re getting comfortable with the heavy artillery. And I love that first-of-day light, the way it just touches the birds and the hills both.


      1. Not fair! If I want to shoot in those kinds of condition, I have to drive to the middle of nowhere, and either get up in the middle of the night to drive some more or set up camp outside….


        1. If you’re doing those urban birds you have no excuse for not getting out in the good morning and evening light. 🙂

          1. This is true…but that project is still behind a few others. Of course, looking at the calendar, that’s likely going to wind up being when the Sun itself is up in the middle of the night — which means the “cool” of the day will be close to and in the triple digits….


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