Here’s the moth

December 31, 2013 • 9:02 am

Okay, okay. I was going to ask Matthew (who produced this graphic) to post it later, but so many people are demanding to know where the moth is that I’ll show it now. If you’re in the U.S. and aren’t up by 8 a.m. anyway (exclusive of Hawaii and Alaska), you’re a slacker if you haven’t seen the original photo. 

Now, if you’re really good at insects, tell us what kind of moth it is.


[UPDATE: Martin Stevens, who took the photo, sent me this version of the reveal (the moth has its wings spread flat and its head is pointing to 8 o’clock (ish)):

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  1. “…but so many people are demanding to know where the moth is that I’ll show it now.”

    So whining is effective? 😉

  2. There’s no way I would have spotted that at the original image’s resolution…even with this one, I had to go to the high-resolution one to realize that, yes, the moth really is centered in the circle; it’s facing eight o’clock. I was at first thinking it was facing straight up and off-center as if it was sitting on a clock hand pointed at nine o’clock.


      1. Gazing into my old, beloved copy of The Moth Book by W.J. Holland, it looks to me like the example of Epimecis they have lacks the fine, horizontal bands of color on the hind wings. There is a pretty good match with Triphossa progressata.
        Plate XLII, moth # 45.

  3. I must confess that the reason I found it was primarily due to reasoning that the person taking the photo, being science oriented and therefore guileless, would point the camera straight at the subject.

  4. Kind of moth? It’s a camothflage…and darn good at it too!

    You gotta look out for tree ogres. They’re knot friendly.

        1. Better old and blind and sick, than being in pine. Because that’s what happen with tree ogres around.

          1. You forget!…been there, done that. Besides, I’ve donate this old thing to science (medical or forensic, whoever gets there first.)
            But the best of new years to you!

  5. I still can’t see the moth. Great birthday gift, making me feel even more old and blind! (DISCLAIMER: This is a joke. While I am having difficulty actually differentiating the moth from the bark, I do not really feel old and my lack of perfect vision is most often a blessing; I miss seeing some of the ugliness of life and it has forced me to become more observant. And it makes HDTV pointless and an unnecessary expense.)

  6. Half yay, half duh! I got the position right (+1 for texture perception), but the orientation wrong (-1 for resolution – this is also why a crack was confusing my guesstimated outline). I guesstimated the head pointing 4 o’clock instead of 8.

  7. Well I found this one on the original, but only because I trusted it had to be there. I didn’t find it by the outline, or the wings, but by the ridge of the body. Just barely enough shadow to give it away.

  8. So it’s facing down to the left, with its wings spread (I think?) I was looking for a narrow-delta shape, no wonder I couldn’t spot it.

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