Ceiling cat greater than God

December 12, 2013 • 1:32 pm

This observation, sent to me by many readers, absolutely and finally proves that Ceiling Cat is more powerful than God. As reported in RLJR News, Buzzfeed and Yahoo News, a manger display in Brooklyn has been taken over by none other than a gang of feral cats. And they do it every year! As the first source notes (my emphasis):

For at least 10 years, sisters Annette and Susane Amendola of 344 Van Brunt Street have put a Christmas nativity scene in a empty lot they own, for passersby to enjoy. “People love it, but they really get a laugh out of the cats”

For years even before the nativity set has been placed, the lot had been home to at least a dozen feral cats.

The creche is left in the back of the lot during the spring and summer months and the cats use it for shelter.

So during the winter and holidays the creche is moved to the front and decorated with the nativity set.

Annette explains she doesn’t place the baby Jesus until December 25 and a bail [sic] of hay is left there waiting.

That’s where the cats all climb and sleep under the warmth of the spot lights.

Annette also says that when she does place the infant figurine of baby Jesus on the bale of hay, the cats push the the figurine off and their rightful spot on the bale.

Does that tell you something or what? The cats made baby Jesus cry!

The evidence:




17 thoughts on “Ceiling cat greater than God

  1. Away in a manger, no place left to purr,
    the Almightly Ceiling Cat lay down His sweet fur.
    The stars in the bright sky looked down where
    He lay,the Almighty Ceiling Cat can now haz sum hay.

  2. Now your in for it. When Bill O’Reilly hears about this, Ceiling Cat will be his prime target in his war on the War on Christmas.™

  3. Well, if Christians want to worship cats rather than Baby Jesus, I’m all for it! Definitely a step in the right direction.

    Besides, those cats look like they need a warm place to spend the night.


  4. The cat in the first photo in the lower, right-hand corner looks suspciously like Hili… How did she get to Brooklyn?!

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