Hili dialogue: Thursday

December 5, 2013 • 3:52 am
Hili is becoming a bit less self-centered:
Hili: Was Adam a potter?

M: Why do you ask?

Hili: A blacksmith would never have had an idea of a god fashioning a human out of clay, and a hunter would have thought that God found the first human in a forest and tamed him.


In Polish:

Hili: Czy Adam był garncarzem?
Małgorzata: Dlaczego pytasz?
Hili: Kowal by nie wpadł na pomysł boga lepiącego człowieka z gliny, a bóg myśliwego to by go znalazł w lesie i oswoił.

18 thoughts on “Hili dialogue: Thursday

  1. Hili would be horrified to hear about her [?] unfortunate vegetarian ancestors. Nathaniel T. Jeanson, PhD* of the Institute for Creation Research writes:-

    “Did lions parade past Adam in the Garden, sharp teeth and all? Quite possibly, though they would have been tame and strictly herbivorous”

    * Dr. Jeanson is Deputy Director for Life Sciences Research and received his PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology from Harvard University 🙂

  2. Somehow, I’m not at all surprised that Hili has figured out that men create gods in their own images. I wonder how a feline god would have created the first cat?


    1. “I wonder how a feline god would have created the first cat?”

      Cats have no deities. Gods have no need themselves for gods.

      1. Yeah, the cat would’ve created servants & they’d probably look like us because we can reach things for them and scratch them how they like.

      2. True…but there’s still no reason why explorations of hypothetical questions must be consistent with all known facts. There’s often utility in ignoring certain bits, so long as you’re not fooling yourself when you do so.


  3. It always strikes me that people think that DNA must be vastly different between various creatures.

    Taking animals for example, people tend to not realize that the basic machinery for life in all animals is very similar. The DNA must be very similar in may ways to support the basics of life for each creature.

    Clearly, then the difference are what makes – well the difference.

    I guess we all have to stick with Carl Zimmer for our science writing on biology….

  4. Hili has probably been remembering some of the Babylonian mythologies (which certainly had influence on the BuyBull) ; The legend of Gilgamesh has the taming of the Wild Man of the Woods, Enkidu, as a major event in the history of mankind.

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