Readers’ cats: Fatty Boom Boom, Mischief, General Mayhem, and Monster

November 28, 2013 • 3:14 pm

Here is a postprandial moggie with a strange name, replete with Thanksgiving bird and described by staff member Thaddeus Aid.

I just had to defend my turkey dinner from my daughter’s cat. It was a wild tale of the great white hunter stalking his prey. Thankfully my fully cooked bird did not succumb to his prowess.

Later all the cats got to share some of the leftover turkey. The d-g had to subsist on leftover steak.

20131128_212300I got more info on this cat and the others:

The cat’s name is Fatty Boom Boom (my daughter named him through a series of names starting with Parsnip and Hashtag but ending with that, so we didn’t know what he was going to be called for a week or so). The photo is tonight, post hunt and noms.

The other cats are Monster (wife’s cat, named by my son when he was 4), General Mayhem (my cat, though he was purchased as a gift for my wife, also the only cat I have ever not been allergic to), and Mischief (another daughter’s cat). All shared in the turkey bounty.

Here’s General Mayhem:


And Fatty again, with Mischief and Monster:


Time for my own bird, and a good bottle of Rioja.  Happy Thanksgiving, folks; I’ll be here all week!

12 thoughts on “Readers’ cats: Fatty Boom Boom, Mischief, General Mayhem, and Monster

    1. Well, the solution seems clear. Next year, bake two turkeys — one for Fatty Boom Boom and the other for your family.

      …just be sure to give the cat his first, and to make sure your family finishes their turkey before he finishes his….


  1. That is cute. The very worst name I’ve ever heard for a cat was “Mr. Hissy-fit.” Can you imagine waiting with him at a vet’s and having the nurse call out, “Mr. Hissy-fit Jones?” No cat could maintain a level of dignity with a name like that.

  2. “Hey, Fatty Boom Boom, My own sugar dumpling, Hey Fatty Boom Boom, Now let me tell you something.” A Jamaican pop song, late 70s, I think.

    1. DAMN!! You beat me to posting this… If anyone likes this one, your next delectable “die Antwoord” video should be “I Fink You Freaky”

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