19 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. It seems appropriate on this post to say that I’m thankful that the WEIT website exists.

    But I agree with Diana… that Turkey Cat is kind of scary.

      1. that’s a pretty good bet – I really don’t want to get near that cat until it has been freed from that outfit and fed LOTS AND LOTS of turkey (which many cats prefer to fish, actually.)

    1. Actually, I think he’s a bit shocked that his person would take his wonderful, hard-fought gift and scoop out and throw away all the extra-tasty bits on the inside and replace them with plants and then put what’s left in the fire until it was almost burned through and the bones are too brittle to eat.

      It’s actually a perfectly understandable reaction from the cat’s perspective….


  2. Cooked talapia for my cat. (Her g0dmother insisted- she does this for her cats all the time.) Cat rated my efforts inadequate.

  3. Looks like the bottom cat is saying, “Oh my goodness look at all that wonderful food!” Happy thanksgiving everyone. Thank you Jerry for your great web site. Always enjoy reading it.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving from across the pond y’all.

    The cat is nomming his special tuna treats and appears to be pleased with his human….. for the time being.

  5. Yah our two kittens got several treats (turkey, whip cream, and the giblets). However, one of them, name withheld due to being a minor, tried thief and nailed me with her paw right on the tip of my left index finger. It still hurts 15 hours later.

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