Caturday felid: students help paralyzed cat get around (and bonus photos of the cat with eyebrows)

February 9, 2013 • 4:53 am

Here’s a heartwarming story from Colorado: a tabby named Flipper had a twisted spine—a birth defect that paralyzed her rear legs. To save her from being euthanized, a local student robotics club designed a cat cart that enables her to get around like a normal cat.

A local news video (below) and a HuffPo piece (here) imply that Flipper is actually improving, and may regain use of her legs because the cart relieves pressure on her hips.

Kudos to the Blitz Robotic Club at Conifer High School, Conifer Colorado.

Langniappe: another two photos of Sam, the cat with eyebrows, from  the BuzFeed piece, “12 reasons why Sam, the cat with eyebrows, should be your new favorite cat” (the article has ten additional photos).



h/t: Justicar (for Flipper)

9 thoughts on “Caturday felid: students help paralyzed cat get around (and bonus photos of the cat with eyebrows)

  1. How does Flipper use her litter box?

    Sam, Henri, and Tard should get together for a philosophical discussion. Perhaps on free will?

    1. A vet here had a clinic cat that had paralyzed hindquarters from being hit by a car. She would scamper around the clinic just dragging her hindquarters behind her. I asked one of the assistants that very same question. Answer: she would defecate reflexively leaving little dry kitty calling cards behind. For urination, they would gently express the urine from her bladder every so often.

      A long hair like Flipper, that clinic cat did a good job of sweeping the floor: no dust bunnies as a result.

  2. There are wheel-sources sites for dogs (of all sizes)without use of their hind legs, of which there are a good many – I had one. I’d bet they’d work for cats too, tho’ my cats don’t need one.

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