22 thoughts on “Wish me luck. . .

  1. Remember, you need plenty of cat naps in between.

    Good luck!

    PS. The well furred puss in boots doesn’t need pants. It’s in the way of fencing with this year’s in-lieu-of-gent designer.

  2. You go, Jerry. I had two run-ins with creationists–one on a college campus–just yesterday. What I’ve learned here and from other well-known sources helped me to give the young man something to think about (though I kind of doubt he will). Anyhow, here’s to the truth!

    1. Does sound a bit like boasting to me. Do you suppose he will make it to his car before a besotted mob grabs him? But best be careful professor, the South is having a cold Winter. Perhaps a trench coat? That way you can choose who you wish to impress.
      Good luck and back away from the Southern bible-thumpers. Very slowly.

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