Simon’s cat interviews Henri

January 31, 2013 • 4:27 pm

In a hard-hitting, gato a gato interview, Simon’s Cat interviews the internet sensation Henri, the Dolorous Existential Moggie. It’s at Simon’s site, and the entire interview is below:

Simon’s Cat Asks…

SC: So Henri, what is your favourite sleeping place?

HLCN (Henri, le Chat Noir): I don’t limit myself to any particular place for any of the 15 hours a day I sleep. I just lie down wherever the mood strikes me.

SC: Okay. Um, what is your favourite toy?

HLCN: Toys are diversions that humans use to keep us distracted from real thought. More cats might join me in pondering the deeper mysteries of the world if they were not distracted by jingling plastic balls.

SC: Of course. Er, what is your most annoying habit?

HLCN: I assume you mean in others? L’imbecile blanc tends to bat me in the ears while he is sleeping. It is very annoying.

SC: So, what is your most lovable trait?

HLCN: I prefer to be respected more than to be loved. That said, probably my chest fur.

SC: What would you say your most memorable moment was?

HLCN: My memories are like coins in the devil’s purse. When you open it you find only dead leaves.

Watch all of Simon’s animations here, and find Henri’s lucubrations here.

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8 thoughts on “Simon’s cat interviews Henri

  1. I liked Henri’s closing remark so I looked it up & of course it’s Sartre

    I wonder where Sartre got “Devil’s Purse” [sac à main du diable according to Google translate]? Is there a French folk tale?

    1. Michael,
      I’m not a native French speaker, but I think I can help better that Google translate.

      Henri, sans doubte, reads Satre “en francais.” The correct quote is, “Mes souvenirs sont comme les pistoles dans la bourse du diable…” I imagine Satre is referencing the French idiom “Avoir le deiable dans sa bourse.” Back in medieval times people guarded their money purses by always wearing them and “les pistoles” were French coins that stamped with a cross. So naturally, a religious superstition resulted that if you spent your last “pistole” the devil may be allowed to enter your purse and menace your soul. By quoting this line of Satre in the context of this interview I believe that Henri’s avowed lack of “pistoles” is evidence of his lack of belief in God. Oh course I could be wrong, mais dans cette instance je crois que j’appelle un chat un chat.

  2. You know, many of us would do more critical thinking as well as ponder the deeper mysteries of the world were we not distracted by the various cultural jingling plastic balls.

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