32 thoughts on “Proof of the existence of Ceiling Cat

  1. As a believer in Pikachu, I just have to say that I don’t think much of your religion, but I admire your faith. That’s clearly not a cat, but a Pokemon.

  2. I never had any doubt. We should expect to hear of sightings in pieces of toast, toilets, and, of course, trees. Hallelujah Holy Ceiling Cat!

        1. Yes, there is the Al-jazz-era version, but the cover doesn’t show Leonard Cohen looking up in awe at Ceiling Cat.

  3. Yes, yes, that’s the evidence!!!
    Question, how come you’re soooooo extremely into cats? Would be interested in understanding how you got there.

    1. Jerry may be into cats, but some of us see the Noodly Appendage of the Flying Spaghetti Monster everywhere!

  4. Those Noodly Appendages on your visitation from the FSM do look almost like whiskers. Truely, you have been Touched!
    I shall now listen to “Laughing” Leonard Cohen’s paean of praise to the FSM.

    1. To anyone like me who was on the UC Berkeley campus in the Fall of 1964, FSM means just one thing: the Free Speech Movement. I can hear Mario Savio in my memory as I write this.

  5. This is not Ceiling Cat. It is the cat-like marsupial from Down Under aka Basement Cat. Basement Cat is living roof of convergent evolution, and hence, poor evidence of feline intervention. I am sorry, Jerry.

  6. Certainly more appetizing than xtian themed pareidolia that so often seems to involve oil slicks, dog back ends, tortured trees and so on.

  7. Priest: “Of course there is no ceiling cat. This is merely a kind of natural accident caused by random diffusion of foam and latte in an environment that was selecting for cat-ness…. No, no.. wait a minute…..

  8. That’s nothing… I once found evidence of The Sacred Heart, in none other than my potato bin! The Holy Spud was shaped like a real human heart (none of this <3 stuffz, and the eyes had started growing and sticking out like the very veins and arteries themselves!!

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