29 thoughts on “Museum sign of the week

  1. Well if I had to choose an expression for an exhibit this wouldn’t be the first one to spring to mind nor the one I would finally choose, but it doesn’t look terrifying to me, or improbable either really. Unless he’s meant to be raising his eyes to the heavens in prayer, that would be silly.

    1. Which reminds me of the signs Twycross Zoo put up in April a few years ago. These were in exactly the same format and of the same quality as the ones describing the animals in the compounds, but instead described extinct relatives; e.g., mammoths in the elephant compound. My kids loved it, too.


  2. In the greenhouse @ Wm&Mary, they predictably had a lot of signs with taxonomic ID’s of the various plants. And then beside an artificial flower someone put up a sign that included Order: Plasticae, Family: Woolworthales… Wish I could remember the rest since Woolworthales probably won’t compute for half of you.

  3. Now were that a picture of a Denisovan that looked like that liar of liars, Duane Gish, why,it would be even more terrifying than I without my dentures!
    WEIT, can you provide better pictures of Denisovans, Neandertals and Florensis than I have ever seen of the second, so that we can really tell the difference amongst the first two and us?
    Of course, that liar and others don’t accept the evidence from just our own lineage for evolution.

  4. PDSA, btw, is People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals of the poor. It’s provides charitable care to animals – since they aren’t covered by the NHS.

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