The Pope’s first tweet!

December 6, 2012 • 4:16 am

The Pope finally made his first tweet, including a picture of himself—with God, no less.

MIAMI—In his first post since joining social networking site Twitter early this week, Pope Benedict XVI has tweeted a picture of himself spending time with the Lord Our God, Divine Creator of the Universe. “Feelin real blessed today to be hangin out wit @therealHeavenlyFather today!” the pope wrote to his nearly 500,000 Twitter followers, attaching a link to a Twitpic photo of himself in which he is seen relaxing on his papal yacht with God. “Just gettin some sun and sippin cocktails. #loveit.” At press time, the picture had been retweeted by Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Oprah Winfrey, and Jesus Christ


h/t: Diane G

41 thoughts on “The Pope’s first tweet!

  1. I wonder what symbolism is behind the tattoos on the “God” guy? The sunburst is (amongst other things) “hope”, but the signs on his forearm look rather astrological or alchemical.

    1. The tattoos on the forearm appear to be symbols from the major religions, islam, xtianity, buddhism and judiasm.

      1. Ah yes, a sort of “Maltese” cross (with the over-sized “serifs”), and in retrospect a crescent-and-Venus (isn’t there a common impossibility of putting the star within the inscribing circle of the Moon’s crescent?), a Star-of-David, and a Ying-Yang symbol. TBH, if I’d got to classify the Ying-Yang, I’d have associated it more with Chinese philosophy in general and with Confuscianism and Daoism rather than Buddhism. But they all blend into each other to some degree, and separating the three is a bit of a thankless task.
        I’d like this to have been a calculated (even Photo-shopped) slight, but I suspect it’s just coincidence.

  2. The lord needs to hit the gym and push away from the dinner table.

    Otherwise he will be know as El Lardo.

      1. He’s been living too high on the hog. Michaelangelo’s god not being required to push away the bacon butties.

  3. Coffee out the nose!

    … I thought there was something strange about my brother-in-law … here I find out that he’s God! Good thing I didn’t give him crap about his Harley …

  4. I’m fairly certain that that’s Santa Claus rather than Yahweh up there.

    Easy mistake to make – lots of people wish God were more like Santa Claus.

  5. If that’s what god looks like, I’m well on the way to godhead! Makes a nice change not to have to worry about my weight/moobs/belly etc.

  6. Now Jerry Coyne will have to end his career as an atheist. How could a scientist deny this evidence for the existence of the Lord?

  7. The Pope’s beach towel almost covers God’s belly button, but if you look carefully you will see evidence of it. Which means… God did not always exist and at least, had a mother.

  8. So that’s what they mean when they say ‘Heavenly Bodies’ 🙂
    Obviously not well blessed by the look of them.
    Not a prayers chance of improvement. Commandment No.11 Thou shalt not lose sight of ones cassock.

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