Where’s moggie?

October 31, 2012 • 11:28 am

Did you spot the cat in today’s earlier post? Several readers did, but if you haven’t, here it is: two outlined cats contributed by reader Gayle (who provided the earlier picture) and Justicar:

In pink shape, lower left, you’ll find a gray and white moggie:

A closeup:

25 thoughts on “Where’s moggie?

    1. Oh, good. A landfill.

      I thought it was a promo for next week’s episode of Hoarders. “You can no longer even see Aunt Edna’s house…”

      1. Sadly it’s the scumbags who don’t bother neutering their cats and let them outdoors who are responsible for the hoards of cats at the door of vulnerable people.

  1. This might just be a case of pareidolia, but
    I thought I saw a second cat (actually, it’s the one I spotted first) in the upper right
    hand corner of the picture. It looks like a grey cat with a white face sunning itself on a large dark object. The cat appears to be facing to the right. I could swear I see the haunches
    on the left, and a white face with white ears and two eyes looking in the direction of the
    camera on the right, but the resolution isn’t good enough to tell for sure. Anyone else see this?

    1. I saw what at first I thought was a grey cat in upper rt & maybe what you refer to, straight up from the red thing with the yellow decal, and below the rusty motor, but quickly rejected that. And then somehow zeroed in on the actual cat, all in under 1min.

  2. My initial suspicion was that we were looking for something like a discarded cat-alytic converter, or even a cat-scanner. As luck would have it, I started scanning up and down, l to r, so my coffee didn’t get too cold before I found it.

  3. There is another cat, black, with her back to us, head looking to the right. You can see a collar, and her left ear is in contact with the lower edge of a garbage can. Poor moggie, to be in such a place!

  4. Haven’t you posted this one before? I’m sure I couldn’t have found it that fast if I didn’t know where to look.

        1. Several subsequent comments lead me to believe that many have missed this little bit of explanation…

          And then one can’t help but think about how it could have been done better, perhaps.

  5. Yeah, I spotted the black & white kitteh, almost by accident. Took me less than 10 seconds, and I wasn’t really trying since I wasn’t expecting to be able to spot him at all.

    We know that people (e.g. babies) have hard-wired ‘face-detecting’ circuits, I’m wondering if I have a hard-wired kitteh-detecting circuit I don’t know about…

  6. I saw this on my iPad. While enlargening the pic by separating my fingers on the screen, the cat came immediately into my center of view. I didn’t even have to look for it. I’d say it took all of two seconds.

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