Communicating science

October 9, 2012 • 1:45 am

by Matthew Cobb

I was in Vancouver a couple of months ago, but somehow I missed these ads for the Vancouver Science World museum. Have any WEIT readers been? BuzzFeed has a selection of 13 of these posters. Here are some of my favourites.

They also have a series of video/TV ads. I particularly like this one:

h/t @PygmyLoris

13 thoughts on “Communicating science

  1. I see they found multiple ways to appeal to kids. Great clown sign. And I genuinely hope the cat urine sign was authentic. They could sell backlight “glow pens”.

  2. Great ads. Pity the weighing less one is wrong! You start off (apparently) weighing less, then you weigh just as much, then you’re heavier as the lift comes to a stop.

    1. Yeah, that one bugged me too. You would weigh less for that brief one second or so, while the elevator is accelerating. I hope the scale they used has a fast response time, because most electronic bathroom scales that I’ve seen respond pretty slowly and you may not even get to see that it registers less for a brief time.

    1. Maybe colorblind. But they’re still professional mosquitoes! So, they and ‘deer flies’ are drawn to blue … but, are repelled by those of us wearing yellow.
      It is about heat and light.

      1. They could be more sensitive to blue and perceive it as brighter / more attractive without being able to distinguish any colours – their single kind of light receptor having a peak sensitivity about 4725 Angstroms.

  3. Darn, I missed your visit.

    Science World recently had a major renovation, so it has more space with some more interesting exhibits, most of them aimed at making science interesting for kids. It also has an Omnimax theatre. They have hosted special exhibits including most recently one on Leonardo de Vinci, and others including mechanical dinosaurs, Bodyworlds, and Grossology. It is worth a visit.

    Personally I wouldn’t call it a museum though, and for some reason Vancouver is lacking in museums. We have a Museum of Anthropology at UBC, a Maritime Museum, and an Art ‘Gallery’, but that is about it.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that when I was near Glasgow for my sister’s wedding a few months ago. Of course, real men may notice it, but you don’t let it show. Much.

  4. I wonder how they did the pencil calculation. The pencil ‘lead’ is a mixture of clay/graphite and of course pencils vary considerably in their size and the size of the core.

  5. I have a membership to science world. It is a great place to take kids – lots of fun interactive activities. I would say the science education aspect is light and not always rigorous, but it does give kids a lot of opportunity to interact with different physical phenomenon.

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