Book launch, Portugal

October 8, 2012 • 10:40 pm

My friend Martim Melo sent me three photos he took at the launch of WEIT in Portuguese at the Serralves Foundation in Porto.  Immodestly, I present them here.

The book cover is nice:

The discussion afterwards, with Nuno Ferrand, my host at the Institute, lasted about an hour. Every single question from the audience was about religion and science; there were none about straight biology. And this is in a country where many academics I met claim that there is no controversy about evolution!  It goes to show that the religion/science dichotomy is on many people’s minds:

And the book-signing afterwards.  We moved 40 copies, which is a lot given the high price of the book (and all academic books) in Portugal and the fact that most of the audience was young:

12 thoughts on “Book launch, Portugal

  1. Hi Dr Coyne. I saw you on a BBC4 program last night about creationism. Hats off to you for being so patient in explaining how all animals could not have fitted in Noah’s ark. Two of the creationist guys in that program were so close minded, I don’t know why they bothered to go on the show…free trip to the US, I guess

          1. It can only be accessed outside the UK with a UK proxy.

            Watched it myself. It looked like a very frustrating experience for the presenter,. given the totally dogmatic and bullying attitude of one of the participants and I was left wondering how Jerry felt about his own little cameo.

          2. Just watching it myself (thanks for the YouTube link) and sniggering that (?)Don Protheroe is wearing a “The Data Is In The Strata” sweatshirt just like mine. Those who have one will know how full of little (accurate) jokes they are.
            Great fun.
            The original supplier?

    1. Well said Jerry. I think this illustrates why RD is reluctant to ‘debate’ with creationists. They have no understanding of fact, of evidence. They will not listen to reason. Everything is ‘just so’ just because they claim their silly gods made it so.

  2. Jerry, were some of the questions as hostile towards evolution as the typical questions you would get in the US?

    We can see you are enjoying your trip! Stay safe…

  3. If you made a cafepress store with that cartoony phylogeny from the book cover on some teeshirts, people would buy the heck out them. And by people I mean me. What a great graphic.

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