Cat with shadow cat

October 4, 2012 • 1:54 am

I know that some of you will look at this LOLcat and claim it was PhotoShopped, just as some of you claimed was the case of the famous tabby kitten that had “cat” written on its side. (I can’t find my post on that right now, but the cat’s owners wrote in and assured us that all was kosher, and it did turn out to be real.)

This is real, too:

If you have any doubts, go here; the cat is in Japan and so, of course, it gets its own website.  Perhaps those of you who read Japanese can tell us more.

Happy Nandaful life, cat!

h/t: Grania Spingies

9 thoughts on “Cat with shadow cat

  1. Photoshop is the saviour of many poor photos and a CURSE on outstanding ones. Because every now an then one comes on a photo which is so genuinely outstanding in its composition and colouring as to be worth printing portrait size and hanging on the wall – and everyone who sees it immediately says ‘photoshop!’

    I have taken just one photo like that – of Devils Punchbowl Falls in South Island, on a day when the sky above the surrounding mountains was cloudless and a perfect deep blue – and it looks like the sky was photoshopped in. And I’ve seen several calendar photos of scenery which have similar striking colour contrasts, and which very close inspection has convinced me are genuine – but the instinctive reaction these days is to dismiss it with ‘photoshop’. It’s really rather depressing.

    1. That’s why, for me, photography is as much about an excuse to look as it is anything else.

      Whether or not I get the shot, whether or not I manage to do anything with it, whether or not anybody else likes it or believes it or whatever…I was there, and that’s good enough for me.



  2. Just imagine if people were serious about the Ceiling Cat, they would think this a sign of divinity, just like jesus-cultists do with toasts, barks and windows.

    1. And dog’s posteriors too, though those posting the pictures of Jebus on a bitch’s bum are probably adherents of a different aspect of the One True Ghod.

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