Last day for free autographed books

September 25, 2012 • 1:10 pm

Just a note: I’m leaving for Yurp tomorrow (details follow) and today’s the last day you can get in requests for a free, autographed copy of WEIT (with a hand-drawn cat bonus!) if you donate $100 or more to Doctors Without Borders.  I think the readers here have raised nearly $5000 for that awesome organization, and maybe we’re not done yet.

Donate here (if you’re feeling in the chips, give more than $100) and then send me proof of donation and your home address. A book will go out in late October when I’m back in Chicago. You can specify how you want it signed and what kind of cat you want (no dogs, please!).

Just think, you, too can have something like this (posted on reader Jeff Lewis’s website, “Jeff’s Lunchbreak”):

That one had a gratis mouse, too.

10 thoughts on “Last day for free autographed books

  1. How does one send you proof? Is there an email address? Do you accept screenshots of the MSF website confirmation page? Thanks in advance, I’m very much looking forward to having a signed copy of your book!

    1. The email is easily found by Googling my name and my university; use my work email. And yes, of course, a screenshot will do fine. Give as much as you can!


  2. Wishing you a thoughtful Yom Kippur.

    Among the many things of which you should repent (heh) is probably the guilt you’re feeling that the book you autographed for me, you did not put a mouse.

  3. Does this count? If so, “to Debbie and Ed Trombley, Many thanks,” etc.–and a hand-drawn cat, please…we have three Live ones, that is. We don’t have a single hand-drawn one, and promise to take very good care of it, should you see fit. At any rate, we love WEIT!! Thank you for making a $276.77 donation to DPR Jones’s FirstGiving page.

    A message from DPR Jones: ‘Thank you very much for sponsoring me. Your donation really means a lot to me and to DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS. DPR Jones’ We’ll send your donation promptly to DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS.

    You can follow DPR Jones’s fundraising here: Here’s an acknowledgment – you should keep this for your records:

    Date: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 Donor name: Deborah Trombley Donor address: 32 The Ninety Road Morrisonville, NY 12962 Amount: $276.77 Nonprofit name: DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS (Tax ID #13-3433452) Nonprofit address: 333 Seventh Avenue, 2nd Floor Donationreference: D5078491 Your donation payment will appear on your card statement under the

    Powered by Firstgiving

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