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  1. Funny story. Our cat, Armand, was always reprimanded at the vet for his dirty ears. Then, we got a puppy with a fondness for licking ears, human or feline. The next time Armand went to the vet, she was shocked to see his ears were pristine. When we explained that our puppy had cleaned Armand’s ears, the vet remarked that it’s not uncommon for dogs and cats to form such relationships. (None of our other cats would accept the dog’s ear-cleaning services.)

  2. I was puzzled by the stick of dynamite behind the barber at the edge of the frame se I did some research & this is what I found on Wiki:-

    Most Bizarro cartoons include some of these hidden symbols…
    an eyeball (the Eyeball of Observation)
    a piece of pie (the Pie of Opportunity)
    a rabbit (the Bunny of Exuberance)
    an alien in a spaceship (the Flying Saucer of Possibility)
    the abbreviation “K2” (referring to his children Kermit and Krapuzar)
    a crown (the Crown of Power)
    a stick of dynamite (the Dynamite of Unintended Consequences)
    a shoe (the Lost Loafer)
    an arrow (The Arrow of Vulnerability)
    a fish tail (The Fish of Humility)
    an upside down bird (the Inverted

    Piraro has begun indicating how many symbols are hidden in each strip with a number above his signature

    So the question is how many are in this one?
    I’ve found the dynamite, bird, pie, alien & rabbit so far…

  3. This reminds me of the Wolfowitz sequence in Fahrenheit 911 where he sticks the comb in his mouth and then runs it through his hair, smirking all the while.

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