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September 21, 2012 • 2:54 am

Since I renewed the offer of an autographed copy of WEIT (plus gratis cat drawing) in return for a donation of $100 or more to Doctors Without Borders, I’ve been swamped with requests.  (I think the picture of Dozer getting fusses did the trick.) Since Wednesday there have been 18 new donations ranging from $100 up to $1000 (awesome!). The total amount we’ve given to DWB, including the proceeds from D. P. R. Jones’s eBay auction of two of my books, is now approaching $5000.

I’m grateful to all the generous readers who stepped up to the plate for such a good cause.  In fact, I have run out of books! I had four paperbacks left and didn’t anticipate the response. But no worries: I’ve ordered more from my publisher, and nobody will go bookless.

Since I’m off to Europe next week, most books won’t go out until after mid-October, so if you’ve donated please be patient.  I promise to come through and to do my best on the drawings.  And for those of you who haven’t yet donated: the offer is still open.

To paraphrase George M. Cohan: Doctors Without Borders thanks you, D. P. R. Jones thanks you, and, most assuredly, I thank you.

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  1. Just to clarify, Australians buy from the American Amazon site, however, if the publisher hasn’t OK’d it, then only Americans can buy on the Kindle app. Americans can buy your book on the Kindle app, however Australians can’t.

    1. Yes. And Aussie book prices are way too high. In the UK we can’t get the Kindle WEIT either & I’ve clicked the button to tell the publisher ~ I expect nothing will come of it though

      I’m not sure this is relevant to you, but in case it is…

      If you are interested in having WEIT as an eBook to read on your Kindle in Australia then simply buy it in ePub format online from an Aussie store & convert it to MOBI format using Calibre software [which is free]

      However I note it costs around $23 AUD to buy WEIT as an eBook in Australia whereas IF YOU COULD buy it via it would set you back less than $9 AUD

      There’s another way around the problem by buying yourself a virtual Amazon gift card in USD, but it’s complicated…

      1. Michael,

        Thanks so much for this! I didn’t know that it wasn’t on the UK site – that’s a huge population that the publisher is ignoring!

        Didn’t know it was available on ePub, although I don’t like reading on ePub, as it isn’t divided into two pages and the scan is all wrong. However, I didn’t know about MOBI conversion via Calibre. The price isn’t an issue, just amazed that the publishers are so short sighted. Thankfully all of Dawkins, Hitchens and Harris books are available for Australians.

        I did have a naughty iTunes card once and was able to buy the audiobook of Obama’s autobiography in 2007 (it was available for Canadians, but not Australians). Haven’t tried with Amazon.

        Thanks Michael!

        1. Hey Dawn I’m so pleased I could help!

          on Kindle book sales are exceeding physical book sales by a ratio of 114 to 100. In the U.S. ebook sales overtook physical books two years ago. In ten years who knows? Publishers, bookshops & authors who don’t give the customer what they want are fools. I’ve contacted a dozen authors on their blogs or by email in the past year about the unavailability of their stuff on Kindle in the UK & I have received…

          … no replies.

          Most of these authors don’t have a clue what they are losing in sales numbers. Many of the established authors don’t realise that they could clean up by self-publishing & using their name to drive their eBook sales through the roof. Self publish eBook profit margins are pretty impressive especially if you get your book price just right.

          Book pricing matters to me from a political standpoint. There’s a book price protection racket running. Book prices in Australia are 10% higher than in the UK & 30% higher than in the US because of your parallel importation restrictions. By law, Aussie bookshops must buy their stock from local Australian publishers unless after 30 days the local publisher shows no interest in publishing the title.

          If you ever want a new physical book not available via your Amazon nor in your shops [or you feel like sticking your fingers up to these medieval trade restriction rules!!] then use The Book Depositary [an online store] ~ They ship anywhere in the world FREE DELIVERY

          Over here in the UK British consumers of foreign software/electronics are ripped off at every turn ~ the effective exchange rate is £1 GBP = $1 USD for everything from electronic games to iPads. I grey import at every opportunity ~ saving myself between 30%-45% [although it means converting power supplies & getting around DRM restrictions on some stuff]. This 1-to-1 conversion rate has become a standard & no one bats an eyelid. There is an international price collusion racket running where competitors have agreed not to go to war on price on a region by region basis ~ this is on everything from cars, LCD screens right through to luxury perfumes.

          Any action that counters this corporate thievery is to be supported & encouraged in my view.

          1. Hi Michael,

            So we are soulmates in this – I write to lots of authors as well to let them know. I have a house groaning with books – most of them nonfiction. I bought the iPad as soon as I could and just love it. I also wake up to the local paper on it as well as subscribing to the NYTimes.

            Prior to the iPad, I bought lots of books from Amazon as many of the books I was interested in were not readily available in Australia. I know about The Book Depository, however analogue books don’t interest me. I have a 1/2 doz books on my iPad as yet unread. I let authors know that there are so many wonderful books published, that while I’m interested in theirs, I can read something similar published by Kindle, or at least iBooks (not such a good one for Oz).

            And I love Dawkin’s Evolution Book App – bought it even tho its for children, for the colour, presentation and that its a sacred text.

            I’m sorry to see the slow demise of book shops as they have been my temple, however, I made the move to the digital format. Some publishers get around it by charging more for the digital book – which I can deal with, just so long as its available.

            Thanks again for your input and help!

  2. There is also $800 or $900 that specifically mentioned WEIT or Coyne on the donation pages that may not have been added? Plus, since there was no request to specifically mention WEIT on those pages it might well be more than that.

    I haven’t donated yet but do intend to. Those that mentioned WEIT in the comments on the two donation pages made me happy. Thank You!

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