4 thoughts on “Guide to God #2

  1. Hm… I’m not sure if the views of Russian Orthodox church towards mixed dancing are represented correctly. IMHO, it’s just viewed as simple fun, no different from watching cinema. I’d say ‘mainly OK’. Tango is satanic, naturally.

    Also, “Alcohol = no-ish” seems too harsh. Orthodox Communion requires wine, even for infants (heavily diluted of course). In general, the attitude is “Ok, if moderately”

    Bacon cheeseburger is forbidden each Wednesday, Friday and on about 40 other days each year. Sometimes even fish is out, sometimes not. It’s complicated. Knowledge of fasting days is the mark of Serious Orthodox. See http://www.holytrinityorthodox.com/calendar/index.php?tzo=4 for details.

    Finally, “Heresies” should include Starovery (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Believers). A lot of blood was spilled over the addition of an extra finger for making cross sign.

  2. I’m thrilled that my bacon cheeseburger suggestion made it into the chart.

    Again, for all you theists out there — I’ll convert to a religion just as soon as every religion everywhere agrees on the status of the bacon cheeseburger. If you can’t agree on that — then, no, you can’t claim to speak for the Almighty. Or even the Submighty.

  3. Unless I missed it somewhere, the chart has nothing about soteriology – the requirements for salvation; i.e. the avoidance of damnation for sins committed while alive in an eternal dungeon of fire and the gaining of heaven. Just as an example, Christianity requires repentance, belief in Jesus, belief that Jesus was crucified for the sins of humanity, but was himself free of sin. Most religions let children in scot free although Catholics require them to be baptized or they’re damned.
    Mormons set the age of accountability at the age of 8 – if they haven’t believed with saving faith by then, the hell with them (literally!)

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