Kitteh contest: Mingus

August 27, 2012 • 7:32 am

Reader James presents his cat in a very elegant pose:

Here is a photo of my cat Mingus, named after the jazz bassist Charles Mingus. A friend bought him for us as a surprise gift from a couple who got him from a rescue home in Putney (London). Unfortunately, they found their larger cat was bullying him, so they had to let him go. We guess he was 7-weeks when we got him, and he’s now 7 months old.

He was very apprehensive and jumpy at first, but eventually seemed to realize he now has a permanent home. He loves Post-It notes, and has learned how to ‘fetch’ them. He also has a habit of jumping on my shoulder after I get out of the shower to lick my (black) hair. I presume he wonders why I let my fur get soaking wet.

Our friend Hannah Steedman recently came round to take pictures of him for a sketch she’s planning to do and caught this ‘hiding-in-the-British-Museum’ pose. As you can see, he’s feeling right at home!

Mingus has also been used in an online post about how to toilet-train your cat.

13 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Mingus

  1. That cat is listening to [something] on those new chrome magnetic tapes. I forget the company that did the advert, but it involved being “blown away” by the sound.

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