Boot weather!

August 21, 2012 • 4:17 am

It’s actually cooling down in Chicago these days—a harbinger that school will start in a month—and so it’s time to don the stylish footwear. This is my latest pair: hand-tooled boots from the estimable purveyor Falconhead, whose boots are actually handmade by an outfit in El Paso called Tres Outlaws.

If you want to see some really fancy boots—footwear that can cost upwards of $25,000 per pair!—check out Falconhead’s Museum Collection (three pages of masterpieces).  Mine, of course, come much more cheaply, for I buy most of them on eBay.

21 thoughts on “Boot weather!

  1. What I don’t about this design is the pointy end :-).Isn’t it anatomically unsound? Doesn’t the big toe get squished? Bunion, no?

    1. No, the toes are well behind the pointed section, so there’s no cramping, no bunions. I suspect that women who wear high heels know this, though those often do seem to cram the toes together.

      1. Some women’s high heels have enough room in the toe box, placing toes behind the point. These are well made, and usually expensive shoes. Overwhelmingly, however, our toes are squished right into the pointy ends, resulting in lots of foot problems for long-time wearers.

        PS. Lovely boots.

      2. I have very wide feet and I often find that pointy toed shoes/boots actually provide more toe space than other shoes. I assume this is because in order to make a nice obvious point they make the ball of the foot a bit wider.

    1. And that’s just what they’ll do! One day they’re gonna teach all …
      No wait, that’s not it, is it?

  2. I spy: copies of DIS (Drosophila Information Service – the thin multicoloured spines), on the shelf above The Genetics & Biology of Drosophila (the black volumes), on the shelf above that some old copies of various journals from the 40s and earlier, and on the right, theses. Can anybody (apart from Jerry) ID the other books? What’s the one with the dark green cover and the light band at the top?

    1. Ha, that’s not a book, it’s a bottle of Seppelt Rutherglen Tokay with a vertical reflection of light. A tipple for visitors!
      You’re right on the other stuff, though. I have the COMPLETE collection of DISs, of which I’m very proud

  3. I wear boots all year round. Then again, the most common boots I wear are my motorcycle boots. 🙂

    I think the style is called a ‘harness boot’? Google seems to confirm this.

  4. Oh, so you decided on the 1X2 residence tile. I would have thought the 1X1 would afford an easier viewing platform.

  5. Nice tooling on the leather. I followed the link and looked at the fancy boots – I like the yellow and green lizard model. Gaudy but pretty, and very well done.
    That style of boot doesn’t fit me too well. We go to Tombstone, AZ to buy nice clothes, but half the store is boots – plain, fancy, and even pink!
    I’m partial to high-quality leather hiking boots, and wear them all the time. Unfortunately that type of boot seems to be going extinct.

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