21 thoughts on “Contemporary croc crunches croc

  1. If the crocodile actually swallowed that shoe it would probably die from internal obstruction. Of course, if the shoe is the only thing remaining from some unfortunate tourist, then the tourist gets the last laugh!

    1. You’d be surprised at what can pass through a reptile’s gut without causing an intestinal blockage. Plus alligator (it’s an alligator with the shoe in its mouth) stomach juice is very strongly acidic; don’t know how a croc (the shoe, that is) would hold up against it.


    2. According to the news item this pic comes from, “… it was forced to admit defeat after 30 minutes of chewing on the rubber shoe — and spat it out.”


      1. Cheers for the tip! I took a very enjoyable trip to Sweden last year, including some time spent in Stockholm. But I’m afraid I have no immediate plans to return so I think I’ll have to pass.

    1. “croc” refers to the shoe. Or “clog”, according to some people.
      The thing eating the croc is clearly a Tiktok-o-dial, whose fossil ancestor Tiktalik was recently discovered in the Canadian Arctic.
      OK, I’ll just go and see what delights the galley have for have lunch instead. I may envy the croc.

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