9 thoughts on “Make mine a double espresso

    1. I often have two reactions to these “internet memes”: “Haha”, and “god, people are dumb”. Expresso?!

      Caffeine aficionados will want to research Honoré Balzac.

    2. Espresso:

      “1945, from It. caffe espresso, from espresso “pressed out,” from pp. of esprimere, from L. exprimere “press out” (see express). In reference to the steam pressure.”

      /mine too; poor italians; some people actually pronounce it so, aaargh/

    3. THANK YOU! I know it’s pedantic, but I hate it when I see English-speaking people spell “espresso” with an X. It annoys me even more when I see it spelled that way in cafés or on product labels.

      A good shot of espresso is tricky enough to make. If your café can’t even manage to spell the word right I’m not even going to bother.

  1. What – no Caffe Corretto owl? I guess these are the wrong types of owls anyway – if it’s a Corretto owl it’s got to be a Snowy.

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