8 thoughts on “Two anniversaries

  1. And, as I’m reminded by today’s newspaper, on this date in 1969, Aldrin and Armstrong landed on the moon, and in 1976 Viking I landed on Mars.

    1. We were got up in the night to see the moon landings. Thanks NASA – you gave children of the 1960s and 1970s a lot of excitement and wonder at the universe.

  2. Thinking of Darwin’s life, progressive rock music fans (and maybe others) might be interested this:

    French group XII Alfonso gathered musicians who used
    to play with Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Mike Oldfield, Genesis or Phil Collins to perform and record an original creation : « Charles Darwin », a triple album telling in 22 songs and 30 instrumentals Darwin’s life, concepts and works, 3 CD in a deluxe digibook including a 76 page colour booklet : a travel diary through Darwin’s life.


  3. These tweets should be interspersed with tweets from Abraham Lincoln, who was born within a few hours of Charles Darwin.

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