Kitteh contest: Lucrezia and Luigi

June 26, 2012 • 3:52 am

Reader Huw Jones found two cats on an Italian holiday, and sent us their pictures.  Although this is no longer a real “contest,” I invite readers to send snaps and a bit of information on their cats. (Click photos to enlarge, though you may find Luigui a bit daunting!)

I thought you might like or want to use few photos of two cats (brother and sister) which we got to know when on holiday in a friend’s villa in Liguria – they’re Lucrezia and Luigi.
Luigi looks a bit of a bruiser (and he probably was with other cats) but he absolutely adored being petted, and had a fabulous face. Although you can’t see it on the stills, he also had a rather curious way of walking – stiff-legged – which was both characteristic, amusing and endearing. The other shot is of him sleeping on a warm and comfortable woodpile.

Lucrezia also enjoyed attention, and she found my photo-rucksack extremely comfortable, as one of the shots shows. I literally had to drag her off the bag before I could use it.

9 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Lucrezia and Luigi

  1. You know, I heard that in France, they never give human names to cats. And especially not stereotypical names. Jamais!

    I am so glad that the rest of Europe does not follow suit. Lovely cats in a lovely country. Congrats to all, especially Lucrezia and Luigi. Grazie!

    1. Nothing kitteh can be off subject, surely?

      “of course is shaped to an extent by the huge number of cat videos present in any random sample of YouTube videos.”

      Take that god botherers, you haven’t darkened the web with your superstitious symbols as of yet!

      Cats are truly the antidote to everything.

    2. So when GoogleNet unleashes the Terminators, we may be able to distract them with cute kittehs? Excellent.

      “I have detailed files – mostly cat videos”

  2. The nonchalant expression on those two faces suggests to me that being photographed is a routine thing for them.. lol

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