Attention au chat!

May 18, 2012 • 2:26 pm

Regular Ben Goren, on the way to the Grand Canyon to see the eclipse, sent this picture and note:

Dave and I spotted this sign on our way to the Grand Canyon Village after photographing the sunrise from Lipan Point. We’ll be meeting up with Kelly Houle and Justin Zimmer at Karma sushi restaurant in downtown Flagstaff tomorrow evening after eight and would still love to meet up with any other WEIT regulars who might be in the area….

14 thoughts on “Attention au chat!

  1. I trust ‘ol Ben wasn’t tooling along on the left side of the road; if so he’ll be the one eclipsed soon enough.

    Clearly the picture was flipped somewhere along the way.

    “Next 10 Miles”, right?

      1. I’ll match it:

        Incidentally, forgive me asking, I’m guessing Christian is your ch… err, first name, rather than your religion?

  2. Ben:

    “after photographing the sunrise from Lipan Point”

    We’d love to see the results of that!

    Are you going to post some pics from the eclipse expedition?


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