A cat-themed xkcd

May 16, 2012 • 4:39 am

The LOLsy comic xkcd has produced a kitty themed cartoon that is actually a three dimensional plot whose axes are cat phylogeny, coolness of cat name, and temporal order of Mac OS X system names:

May I suggest to Apple a Macintosh OS X “Pallas’s Cat,” the most wonderful of small felids? (Perhaps its other name, “Manul” would go down better):

Image Credit Flickr User muzina_shanghai


h/t: Grania and Matthew

36 thoughts on “A cat-themed xkcd

  1. Internet cat names are the next sequence for AAPL OS: Maru etc. OS X Ceiling Cat will be the ultimate, all-seeing OS.

  2. It’s probably cute as a kitten, but as an adult, it looks like a photoshop of all cat species jammed into one, for the humor value.

    1. That whitish “beard” and the disapproving stare make it look like Santa Cat.

      And just yesterday looking up some other cat species on wiki and clicking around a bit, I stumbled upon the Manul which is quite a fascinating cat. Seems to be quite a pain breeding them in captivity.

    1. The sand cat is a truly awesome little felid. I first learned about them on a documentary…after watching one quite handily kill one of the more dangerous venomous snakes in the desert, the sidewinder.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I just sent it round to my group members from one of my Spring classes. We did a project on teaching biological classification and one of our examples of problem common names was Panthera concolor.

    Perhaps they are saving Smilodon fatalis for X 10.10. That is a true bad-ass name.

    1. That website is not yet done and refers back to the old one. But thanks for posting it.

      I have to disagree with the jaguarundi, though: it looks more like a big weasel than a cat! The Pallas’s cat is far cuter–indeed, any other cat is cuter!

        1. No mist here in the desert (plenty of dust and smoke, though!) But they do like prickly thickets for slinking – in AZ and TX, their presence is correlated with that of Allthorn, Koeberlinia spinosa.

          The jaguarundi appears to have a convergent evolution lookalike – the Bornean Bay Cat. The manul has a fuzzy New World counterpart: the Andean Mountain Cat.

          But they’re all cute – whoever heard of a cat that wasn’t?

      1. That is cool, too, but too vague. Is the cat wielding the scimitar? “Saber-toothed” gets right to the point! Plus, I’m afraid scimitar cats likely suffered from canine envy.

    1. Or Mac OS X Tigon?

      Since cougars aren’t the only cats with multiple common names, we could also have Mac OS X Ounce. Or maybe that’s a lightweight version for OT.


  4. What about ‘kodkod’? Leopardus/Oncifelis guigna.
    And then there is the tiny blackfooted cat from southern Africa (already a favourite on WEIT) with its Afrikaans name ‘miershooptier’ – the ‘anthill tiger’

  5. It looks like someone crossed a cat with a gremlin *(when it’s in the cute mogwai phase of course).

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