17 thoughts on “It’s not my day

  1. The bits of stuck-on leftover lasagna will attract wildlife, providing surprise naturalist experiences throughout the day.

      1. And over a few hundred thousand years they will adapt to the point where only with foil hats do they remain sustainable so that 1000 generations hence they will likely have their own build-in foil booties.

  2. Well, one would want to clean all the food residue off the foil before making ones hat.

    Having so cleaned the foil, why not instead use it again to cover food?

  3. “Keeps out the alpha rays, Max. You don’t get old”
    Alvy’s friend Rob in Annie Hall.

  4. Worked for me-the voices stopped immediately. Perhaps if I put it on the computer the spam will stop

  5. Add a used cat food can and a plastic drink top from the convenience store and you’ve got a mini solar oven for the top of your head, and can heat a cup of coffee while you take a walk.
    I don’t have Gmail so I’ve never heard of these weird “fortune cookies”.

  6. Yes but, you have to be careful with the dimensions so you don’t get an accidental resonant cavity for your brain waves, otherwise, they’ll just be amplified until your head explodes. On the other hand, it’ll keep out the government spy rays.

    1. Absorbs isn’t the right word. It implies that rather than being reflected away from or into the brain, the RF energy is converted to heat.

      The tongue in cheek experiment determined that the presence of the aluminum hat increased the signal they measured, at some frequencies.

      This is not at all unexpected. Working with this equipment and trying to get repeatable and understandable results is a total exercise in frustration. Probably, having the metal that close to the receiving antenna meant it was acting as a reflector at some frequencies.

      I strongly suspect most people who need to achieve specific attenuation levels for their equipment in order to pass various RF field strength tests just give up after a while and take the next data set that passes, because the one after that will be different yet again.

    1. Oh dear, I followed that link. I think my brain is concussed. “I have been abducted by aliens for years and found stopabductions.com by a happy coincidence.
      The Thought Screen Helmet, invented by an expert, has stopped the unwelcome visitations …”

      And here was silly me thinking the aliens only abducted you once. 😉

      (Oh, and large doses of Vitamin C stops the alien-hybrid embryos from developing. Somebody tell Linus Pauling, quick.)

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